Klippe Premium Package

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Micro Arc(MAO): will not be available. 

Expected shipping date: early 2018. 


  • Klippe

High profile, high quality 60% aluminium case

  • The best 60% PCB available

GoN Nerd60 - RoHS compliant PCB with great a programmability interface. Made in Korea.

LIMITED EDITION as seen here.

  • The best brass plate available

In winkeyless, happy hacking or universal flavours

  • Genuine Cherry stabilisers

Available in 6.25u and 7u

Will be shipped in a premium gift package that will protect the kit during shipment.



What you need to complete this keyboard:

Switches of your choosing, about 65. Get them from your local source. 

Keycaps of your choosing, GMK, or Signature Plastics, Maxkeys or whatever you feel like.

Soldering iron + lead free solder



Size: made for 60% keyboards

Compability: standard 60% tray mounted pcbs