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60% Plate Aluminium

  • $35.00

These plates are made to be used with 60% keyboards. 60% is the ultimate form factor, due to it's protability and functions. You will need a 60% PCB, stabilisers, some switches, keycaps and a case to finish this product. This plate defines a lot of the typing feel the switches give. 

Universal - for all 60% layouts you can imagine, this is the "ultimate plate"

HHKB style - for people who don't need the CTRL-keys on the bottom of the keyboard, 7u stabiliser required 

Winkeyless - integrated blockers for the winkeys, 7u stabiliser required

All of the plates on this site at this moment are for 60% keyboards. 


What does a plate do?

It adds stability, helps with mushiness, and reflects the LED lights better. A plate is pretty much mandatory in a high end keyboard build. 


Can I add this plate to a Pok3r keyboard instead of building a whole custom keyboard myself?

The Vortex Pok3r already has a pretty good plate, but if you want to change, you need to desolder all the switches and eventually get PCB mounted stabilisers, depending on the plate you get from here. 

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