Klippe 2019

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Colors may differ from pictures due to anodizing process. 

Designed in Norway. 

Klippe has the same fitment as the applauded Fjell case. It provides a unique, and fantastic typing experience. With a new 2019 design revision, we dare to say that this is the best 60 percent case you can get for $120.

Listening to customer feedback is the best, and most effective way to improve a product. Thank you for all your feedback, here are some of the updates.


Instead of our logo, we now use our signature nature details. 

New USB hole

Made a bit smaller. Will still fit all 60% PCBs with normal USB placement. (blue parts are where it is made smaller). If you use an uncommon PCB, I would check that there are no interference. 


The anodizing and sandblasting will be even finer than before. New tooling will reduce and remove anodizing hook marks. Better sandblasting technique will provide a better surface to anodize. 


Screw holes will be tapped after anodizing to make sure there are no residue material, and make sure you can get the longest lasting, most effective screw posts as possible. 


The case now cost only $120, before $179.  This is achieved by ramping up production quantity, and losing a bit of profit margin.