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[Pre order]60% Plate Brass / Pro Plates

  • $49.00

WARNING: orders placed after the 29th of July might not ship before three weeks later, therefore this is set up as a preorder. 


Heavy like steel, but more flexible.

Gives a new, high quality solid typing experience and great look with or without backlighting.


Pro HHKB - this plate has support for the HHKB bottom row, and you need to use the HHKB split right shift, in addition it supports ANSI enter. It does support both split and non-split backspace. The corners are blocked. PCB mounted stabilisers. 


Pro ANSI - This is the ultimate ANSI layout plate. It has removed the ISO enter support to be even mor steady than before.  PCB mounted stabilisers. 


Pro ISO - This is the ultimate ISO plate, it has removed the ANSI options to be even more sturdy. Keep in mind the shift support is ISO based, but you can split the right shift. PCB mounted stabilisers. 


Universal - for all 60% layouts you can imagine, this is the "ultimate plate". Requires PCB mounted stabilisers. 


What does a plate do?

It adds stability, helps with mushiness, and reflects the LED lights better. A plate is pretty much mandatory in a high end keyboard build. 

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