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What parts do I need to build a full keyboard?

You need a PCB, PCB mounted stabilisers, keyswitches, plate*, case and keycaps.

*plate is not required, but is recommended for better stability and feel.

Should I choose 6.25u or 7u stabiliser sets?

6.25u is the standard size. This is used for keyboard layouts made for standard keycaps. The Pok3r and other popular keyboards uses this layout. 7u is for winkeyless layouts. 7u is often used with old Cherry sets, or when people are making HHKB or winkeyless layouts. 

Do you sell any larger keyboards than 60%?

Currently, we only stock 60% keyboards and parts. The keycaps we sell will fit on everything up to a fullsize board, though! We are working on implementing TKL in the near future. 



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