Mechanical Keyboard Housing

In December 2016, the Fjell mechanical keyboard case was shown  of for the first time to the public. And the comments were extremely supportive of the never before seen angled sides. It later got even more support. 

In 2017 the first Fjell group buy happened, and a lot of different configured Fjell cases was delivered to the public. It was the heaviest and the most unique mechanical keyboard tray-mounted cases out there, and the places in the group buy sold out extremely fast. 

After the popularity of the Fjell case, there has been attempts by larger Mechanical Keyboard retailers to replicate what the Fjell keyboard is, and offering less features at a lower price, while using multiple design choices that are taken directly from the Fjell case. These cases are made in a much higher volume than the Mekanisk Fjell.

Mekanisk launched another project the Klippe, which together with other circumstances delayed the revision 2 of the Fjell to 2018. This time we launched a test round, about as large as the first Fjell round. 


Look forward to more Fjell in 2018 and 2019. New models, and larger quantities.