Here are all the files that are currently released by Mekanisk for download. These files can be modified and used to create custom layouts outside the ones offered by Mekanisk. There is no guarantee on the plate files created this way. More coming soon.


Klippe S plate: ANSI layout (STEP)

Klippe S plate: ISO layout (STEP)


Render files 

These files are to be used as render files only. They are not suitable for production. Dimensions, radiuses, placements may not be correct.

Ultramarine: Pantone 3035C
All others should be interpreted from shipped products or sample pictures.


Fjell R4 - render file (STEP)

Klippe T

Klippe T R3 - render file (STEP)

Klippe S

Klippe S standard top - render file (STEP) 

Klippe S blocked corners top - render file (STEP) 

Klippe S main bottom piece - render file (STEP) 

Klippe S weight badge (polished stainless steel) - render file (STEP)