Color Guide

Anodized colors are hard to do, they will always appear different than Pantones. The colors will always appear different in different light conditions, and screen calibrations. Here are the new Mekanisk colors that are standard from May 2019 and forward. 

Mekanisk Grey: 
A beautiful medium light grey that is not too warm and not too blue. This is a classic simple grey color. 

Mekanisk R1 Grey:
Dark grey without being black. This was used in round 1 of Fjell. More on the blue side than the warm side. 

Mekanisk Blue:
A lighter royal blue, sometimes called Skidata Blue.

Mekanisk Ultramarine Blue:
Based on Pantone 3035C. Not classic Ultramarine known from other products.

Mekanisk Purple:
based on Pantone 2617C

Mekanisk Black:
as dark as anodizing allows


Mekanisk Silver:
clear coating / silver anodizing, NOT WHITE.