Klippe series



Join the Klippe group buy by following this link and filling out all the information correctly. You are not eligible for a case before you have paid the invoice, you are not guaranteed to get an invoice.

Before you buy:

Shipping in 2 months if everything goes after the plan.

The price per case is 130 + 30-40 USD shipping tracked + a fee per case.
If you want more cases, fill the form multiple times, the shipping is for each case as they will have to be sent individually.
If you are not happy with the quality of the case, you are eligible for a refund against return, however you are not entitled to a new case.The cases will be declared at their actual value, I have tried to deduct profits to make up for it, and helps europeans lower the total cost.If you want to pay with SEPA(european bank transfer) over PayPal, the fee will be replaced with a 2,19€ fixed fee.

Information about the case: 

This case is thicker and higher than most other cases. It also have more supports than the cases you find elsewhere. The design is based on the successful Fjell design in terms of mounting. It is high profile and supports most 60% cases.
You can compare it to the $260 FMJ case without weights in the bottom.