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Shipping March - April 2020.

GUI programming & firmware: caniusevia.com

A simple, yet modern PCB solution. High quality PCB designed by Wilba, after Mekanisk specification. This PCB ensures that your keyboard will be up and running in no time, and keep running for a long time.

The easy, graphical configurator VIA, let's you reprogram all the keys at any time you want. The programming happens live. Having a super high quality, easily programmed PCB at an affordable price.


  • Supports: ISO/ANSI/HHKB/TSANGAN and stepped caps lock
  • Supports PCB mounted stabilisers (GMK screw in, clip in, Zeal ++)
  • VIA configurator support, arguably the best and easiest configurator on the market
  • USB-C connector 
  • Standard 60%/Poker mounting points
  • Flex cutouts for builds with a softer plate. Or specifically top mount builds.
  • No hot swap, you need to solder this PCB. This ensures that the switches are seated safely and contact points are properly connected. If you don't know how to solder, Mekanisk recommends that you learn this skill as it is quite easy. If you want a hot swap solution instead, most of our cases are compatible with that as well :)
  • No LEDs

Created by Wilba, wilba.tech 

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